Sports Team And Fitness Centre

Impact Gym: Full-Service Sports Team and Fitness Centre

Impact Gym is the largest gym on the Central Coast with a full-service sports and fitness centre that specialises in corporate fitness, sports team fitness, strength and conditioning, personal training, weight training with an indoor gym and outdoor gym. We offer group classes as well as mental performance coaching to help you train your mind as well as your body.

At Impact Gym we’re lucky to have heaps of space – enough to feature a 25m-long training field. This multi-functional space will have your team  working strength and conditioning at the same time. At one end of the field you’ll find cardio equipment like the rower, ski erg, assault bike, sleds, and skill mill for all your intense cardio cravings. The other end is home to our Rig, for all your muscle ups, pull ups, chin ups, and gymnastic needs! 


Outdoor Gym

Our outdoor area has a little shed full of heavy-duty muscle-building equipment. Heavy Sandbags, battle ropes, farmers carry, yolk carries and atlas stones for your sports team or corporate group to work hard! We’re also able to offer you the opportunity to bring other functional equipment outside and enjoy a session in the sunshine! 

Our weights are top-of-the-line and are regularly serviced by our experienced team. It’s the perfect area to feel active, energised and motivated. Build muscle and tone your team’s body today.

Weights Gym