Best Gym Facilities On The Central Coast

Experience the ultimate 247 gym facilities on the Central Coast at Impact Gym. Huge warehouse style space with plenty of access and no waits for equipment and even includes a 25m long training field! No matter If you are looking for weight training,  powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, personal training, specialist spaces or fitness classes in a massive indoor and outdoor gym – we have got you covered.

More Space to Train

Welcome to Impact Gym! Here we want you to feel confident and comfortable to workout and achieve your fitness goals and #belong #believe #become.

We pride ourselves on offering you one of the largest workout areas around. You’re never short of space to train, and our different classes are spread out across the location. There are a mix of indoor gym and outdoor gym training areas to explore. Plus, brand new studios, with over 80+ classes per week across all ages of fitness.


Impact Gym is here to serve our community and provide a welcoming, positive and safe environment to everyone who enters. Your body is a temple, so start working on it today.

Strengthen weak hands, and make firm feeble knees – whatever you do, train heartily.

We help people of any age and at any stage in their fitness journey.  All ages are welcome.

We are committed to being supportive, encouraging and making you feel comfortable every step of the way.


With over 80 classes per week, there is something for everyone! From Dance, Reformer Pilates, Yoga and HIIT to Les Mills, Circuit, Mums & Prams and more. View our class timetable to find your next workout session.

Be determined. Be fierce. Be proud. Working out in one of our many dance classes is a great way to de-stress, unwind, let loose, burn calories and meet new friends. A joyful heart is good medicine.

Our state-of-the-art studio can fit classes of up to 45 people and it’s equipped with a huge instructor stage, dimming lights, and a sound system that will have you singing along in your classes.


Our unique indoor and outdoor strength training area is second-to-none. We offer our members unparalleled facilities to go from strength to strength!

Our weights are top-of-the-line and are regularly serviced by our experienced team. It’s the perfect area to feel active, energised and motivated. Build muscle and tone your body today.

Try out our field for working strength and conditioning at the same time, or our boxing area where we have a full-sized boxing ring, boxing bags, kickboxing pads and a fully matted floor. The choice is yours.

For a bigger challenge, have a look in our shed for some StrongMan/StrongWoman equipment.


Does your mind inhibit you or enhance you?
The ability to achieve our health, fitness, career, and family goals largely comes down to the limitations that we impose upon ourselves. We do not fail because we lack potential, we fail because we listen to that voice inside our head that says, “I can’t”.

Our purpose is to help you overcome the negative inner dialogue and to assist you in the process of unlocking your true potential.

Impact offers one-on-one and group Mental Performance Coaching; aimed at training the mind to enhance you, rather than inhibit you. Mental Performance Coaching is the Art and Science of helping individuals to overcome the mental barriers that limit them and to build the habits, behaviours, and routines they need to achieve their goals and perform at a high level – even when times are hard.



At Impact Gym we’re lucky to have heaps of space available to you 24/7 – enough to feature a 25m-long training field. Our functional classes all take place on this field; HIIT, Strength, FLS, etc. Anything that will have you working strength and conditioning at the same time. At one end of the field you’ll find cardio equipment like the rower, ski erg, assault bike, sleds, and skill mill for all your intense cardio cravings. The other end is home to our Rig, for all your muscle ups, pull ups, chin ups, and gymnastic needs! This space is available to all members, 24/7.

Ever wanted to try boxing and kickboxing? Well we’ve got you covered. Not only have we got a full-sized boxing ring, boxing bags, kickboxing pads and a fully matted floor, but this area is open to members 24/7. We have PT’s who can help you work on your technique and skill, or just bring a friend to punch out some frustration!



Take your workout into the sunshine and fresh air! We have an callisthenics area and outdoor functional training area, all on an comfortable AstroTurf surfaces. Grab the equipment suited to your training style and take it outside. Some of our classes are conducted outside including our Mums & Bubs classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday where they enjoy the outdoor gym to train with their kiddies.


Studio 1

Opened in 2019, our state-of-the-art studio can fit classes of up to 45 people! Hosting a wide variety of classes, from your heart-pumping Body Pump and MetaFit, to our relaxing Yoga, Stretch, and Mobility classes, there is something for everyone. This room features a huge instructor stage, dimming lights, and a sound system that will have you singing along in your classes. This facility is open during staffed hours only. 

This funky little room is tucked away on the first floor and also opened in late 2019. It’s fully kitted out with disco lights, two fans and a quick functioning aircon system! All the things necessary for a sweaty spin class! Our LifeFitness Bikes are serviced regularly and are easy-to-use and set up. Our Cycle classes are low-impact, excellent for increasing cardio-vascular fitness, and can be enjoyed by all fitness levels. This facility is open during staffed hours only.

CYcle Room

TreadMill Room

If you want to warm up or jog in peace, there is nowhere better than our hidden treadmill room. Located on Level 1, this room features 8 LifeFitness Treadmills with a range of speeds and inclines to suit every workout. On top of this, there is a beautiful view of the forest outside the gym so you can run with a view! This facility is open during staffed hours only.