Studio 1

Opened in 2019, our state-of-the-art studio can fit classes of up to 45 people! Hosting a wide variety of classes, from your heart-pumping Body Pump and MetaFit, to our relaxing Yoga, Stretch, and Mobility classes, there is something for everyone. This room features a huge instructor stage, dimming lights, and a sound system that will have you singing along in your classes. This facility is open during staffed hours only.

This funky little room is tucked away on the first floor and also opened in late 2019. It’s fully kitted out with disco lights, two fans and a quick functioning aircon system! All the things necessary for a sweaty spin class! Our LifeFitness Bikes are serviced regularly and are easy-to-use and set up. Our Cycle classes are low-impact, excellent for increasing cardio-vascular fitness, and can be enjoyed by all fitness levels. This facility is open during staffed hours only.

CYcle Room

TreadMill Room

If you want to warm up or jog in peace, there is nowhere better than our hidden treadmill room. Located on Level 1, this room features 8 LifeFitness Treadmills with a range of speeds and inclines to suit every workout. On top of this, there is a beautiful view of the forest outside the gym so you can run with a view! This facility is open during staffed hours only.